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We offer high quality photography tours and workshops in Iceland and internationally for groups and individuals. Whether it is to capture Iceland in the midnight sun that never sleeps, or to visit Iceland during the winter time when the Golden Hour lasts all day long, and catch The Northern Lights, you can be sure we will put all our effort into making your trip one to remember.  Feel free to check out our next workshops below or contact us for a private workshop.

South Coast & Glacier lagoon - 2024

Dates: 9th - 16th Jan  2024

Instructors: Thor & Mike Browne

South coast & Glacier lagoon - 2024

Dates:  8th - 15th March

Instructor: Thor & Nick Page

Chasing light / heli ice cave - 2024

Dates: 1st - 10th December

Instructors: Thor & Sean Parker

Midnight sun camping - 2024

Dates: TBC  2024

Instructors: Thor 


Faroe Islands - 2024

Dates: 12-18 September

Instructors: Dino & Michael

Patagonia - 2024

Dates: 7th to 18 April

Instructor: Thor and Nick Page


Patagonia - 2025

Dates: 3-14 April 

Instructors: Thor & Mike Mezeul II

Senja Fall - 2024

Dates: 27 sept - 3rd Oct

Instructors: Thor & Peter Gordon

Senja / Lyngen - 2025

Dates: 21st to 27th January

Instructors: Thor & Peter Gordon

Greenland - 2024

Dates: 27 Aug - 4th Sept

Instructor: Thor 

Greenland - 2025

Dates: 26th Aug - 4th Sept

Instructor: Thor 

Iceland workshops

International Workshops

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