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Photo Tours

We have travelled all over and around Iceland countless of times, photographing the extraordinary landscapes and feasting our eyes on the colorful scenery. 

Experiencing the perfect stillness of the highlands and filling our minds with the endless beauty of this amazing country we feel so priviledged to call our home. And now we want to share this with you and let you in on our secrets.
If you want us to recommend a specific itinerary for your tour, we are happy to help. 

A landskcape image of a sunset over Seljalandsfoss in Iceland

South Coast

For first timers this is a must do tour and for a reason,

this area holds some of the Icelands best gems and very photogenic all year around.


Iceland in a nutshell, Sneafellsnes has it all and not  to mention one of Icelands most iconic mountain, 

Mt. Kirkjufell.

Glacier Lagoon 

Jokulsarlon is probably one of Icelands best known area, it's like being in a candy store for photographers. 


To many Landmannalaugar is the heart of the interior. 
Volcanic craters, rhyolite mountains, jet black sand deserts with hidden oasis where the green moss florish. 

Dancing northen lights over Skógafoss in Iceland

Northern Lights

From September we start to pay more attention to the night sky undtil April as Aurora Borealis becomes visible with darker winter nights.

Blowing snow at Lóndrangar in Snaefellsnes Peninsula during sunset

Custom Made Tour

If you do not know where you are going, any road will take you there. Let us make your dream photography adventur happen.

Sandstorm hitting mountai Maelifell in the highland of Iceland. Beautiful landscape.

Highland South

We'll travel through the southern part of the interior of Iceland. Star of the show is the majestic Mt. Maelifell (791m) a surreal coneshaped green mountain situated in the middle of black ash desert.

The majestic waterfall Gullfoss in Iceland.

Golden Circle

The Golden Circle, a classic day tour when visiting Iceland. With Thingvellir, Gullfoss and Geysir as the biggest attractions there are many hidden little gems along the way.

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