The Glacier Lagoon

Tours to Jökulsárlón are only available as multi-day tours.

Jökulsárlón (Glacier Lagoon) is one of Iceland's most visited places for good reason. It is a pure natural piece of constantly changing art and a spectacular sight in any weather or light. 
The lagoon is situated below the largest glaciers in Europe Vatnajökul.  We never get tired of visiting this ecological phenomenon and everchanging scene with its floating icebergs and shattered ice on the black sandy beach. 

Note: On our way to the Lagoon we pass most of the location on the




Please contact us for price as it varies based on season.

Included: Pickup and dropoff at your hotel in the Reykjavik area.

Not included: Food, beverages, pre-ordered special activities during the tour.

What will I see?

We do not have any fixed itinerary for our tours, Why?
We like to be flexible and choose the best locations based on conditions. The light, time of year and the weather are critical componenets in providing our customers with the best photographic opportunities. 
But we will of course do our absolute best to meet your needs and requests and do everything in our power to make your plans work out.


Below are some of the attractions we might visit on this tour, amongst many other fascinating locations

The Lagoon

As the ice breaks from the glacier it gets submerged into the lagoon, floating there for several days.
The big blocks of ice, often thousands of years old, sometimes get stranded at the mouth of the lagoon before they finally break up into smaller pieces and are washed into the Atlandic Ocean where the tumbling waves throw them back to shore onto the jet black sandy "Ice beach".



Ice caves

During winter time, from late October until early March (condition permitting) ice-cave season is in bloom. They are everchanging, natural forces sculping them and carving out new ones with wind and water, making every trip a uniqe experience.
Unreal is an understatement for the feelings surging through when you are inside one of those caves.
We work with experienced ice cave guides who are always on the lookout for changes in the caves, your security being an absolute  priority.

The Ice Beach

Also known as the Dimond Beach because of the ice scattered everywhere like small dimonds.  Some blocks being crystal clear while others are shinging emerald blue giving you spectacular photo opportunites anywhere you turn.  Combingin this with a glowing sunrise or sunset is just an extra icing on the already abundant cake. 


This photogenic mountain is situated just east of Höfn at Stokknes peninsula.The weather is almost irrelevant at this place,  you are almost always rewarded with a good picture, whether it being a blazing sunrise or sunset, stormy clouds gathering above or in the winter the mountain covered in snow and the frozen flooded sands creating a natural mirror for your photography convenience. 
At Stokksnes you can experience first hand the raw power of the Atlantic Ocean as the massive waves hit the rocky shore with brute force.

Pictures taken on this tour


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