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Thor Photography specializes in photography tours in the unique landscapes of Iceland, and is fully licensed as a Tour Operator from The Icelandic Tourist Board. The owner is Thorarinn Jonsson (Thor for short), a native Icelander, a traveler and an professional photographer based near Reykjavík.


Our goal is to provide personal sevice and we will gladly create customized itineraries to suite your requirements each time. We can develop an itinerary from scratch based on your interests and budget, or we can suggest an ideal itinerary based on our experience with Icelands ever changing light, season and weather.


It is our goal to get you to unique locations at the right time for the best photographic results. We have visited our favourite locations multiple times, and can offer advise and guidance regarding photography, if wanted or needed.


Whether it is to capture Iceland in the midnight sun that never sleeps, or to visit Iceland during the winter time when the Golden Hour lasts all day long, and catch The Northern Lights, you can be sure we will put all our effort into making your trip one to remember.


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