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14th -21th 

Nov 2023

Group Size

9 participants


$7200 USD

Deposit $2000 USD





Thor &

Peter Gordon




Incl. during the workshop

Hotel based

Hotles Incl.


Not included


Welcome dinner incl.

Heli Ice cave Photography Workshop

With Thor & Peter Gordon

Thor Photography and Explore light are offering a unique photography workshop in Iceland spanning 8 days and 7 nights 

of Icelandic adventure with 1 day being dropped onto the glacier by helicopter to impossible to reach ice caves plus 2 aerial photoflights.
River beds and patterns and so much more.  We will be travelling the South coast of Iceland.
It shouldn't be needed to introduce the south coast of Iceland to anyone as it has been one of the 

most popular area to visit for many years and for a good reason as the scenery is spetecular around every corner. 

Travelling to Iceland:

You will want to fly into Keflavík ariport. 
We'll be spending our arrival day in Keflavík, we do recommen a taxi from the airport to the hotel (only 3 min drive) 

Physical Requirements:

This workshop will not include any difficult hikes.

Where are we staying?

We will be lodging at a variety of hotels throughout our stay, we begin and end in Reykjavík but we'll be staying at a great hotels throughout the workshop. These accommodations are beautiful and conveniently located for our shooting locations.


  • Remote Ice cave with an helichopter

  • Two photoflights in Cessna with open windows

  • Glacier lagoon

  • Black sand beaches

  • Glacier lagoon

  • Vestrahorn 

  • Seljalandsfoss

  • Skogafoss

  • and other lesser known locations

In a nutshell.

Fancy an ice cave helicopter adventure on the South Coast of Iceland? 8 days of Icelandic adventure with 1 full day being dropped onto the glacier by helicopter to impossible to reach ice caves plus 2 flights on an airplane with open window. River beds and patterns and so much more.  Plus the classics of the south coast. Its landscape photography heaven all from single occupancy deluxe hotels.

This is a truly unique workshop/tour and perfect for people that want to get access to some inaccessible locations. For a number of years now it’s become more difficult to access the stunning ice caves of Iceland as the caves at the foot of the accessible glaciers can be very busy. Nevertheless, we longed to get back to that amazing environment hence the idea to beat the crowds and hit the caves by helicopter. Adventure is in the air. Fancy joining us?

In mid November we have sunrise around 9:30 am and sunset around 4 pm so days are plenty long for getting alot of photography done, and nights are long and dark  to allow for norhtern light chasing. 

Day 1:  Arrival Day (14th Nov)

Arrival night. Get acclimatised and if the Northern Lights are possible we will be out for a night shoot. For those that arrive early in the day we will do a sunset on the Reykjanes Peninsula.

Day 2: (15th Nov)

We leave Keflavík early and head east to our first locations. The exact locations depend on weather conditions, but on our route are the two waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss, plus other great locations like Dyrhólaey and Reynisfjara. There’s some great shooting en route. Also transiting all the way across means we stay in the Glacial Lagoon area for longer increasing our access to the helicopters and the caves.
Overnight in Glacier lagoon area.


Day 3-4-5 (16th - 19th)

The core part of the workshop will be so packed with epic shooting. We will take a helicopter ride up to the glacier for a private ice cave exploring for the day.

On top of this we will shoot the iconic diamond beach, glacial lagoon and Vesterhorn. It’s going to be insane.
Overnight in Glacier lagoon area. 

Which day we'll do the heli depnds on the weather but we are staying in the area for 4 full days to maximise our chances. 
( in case we can not  fly we'll reimburse you the cost of the flight ) 

Overnight in Glacier lagoon area.

Day 6 (19th)

Next stop is Vik on our way back to Reykjavik. We will transit across and shoot the iconic stacks plus more black beach action. This part of Iceland is just so damn photogenic.
Overnight in Vík.

Day 7 (20th) 

The workshop will end on day 7 arriving back to Keflavík in the afternoon. 
Overnight in Keflavík

Day 8: (Departure day)

This is your last day in Iceland or you can decide if you want't to stay on for a few days. If you have time, you might want to enjoy a dip into the Blue Lagoon which is in the neighbourhood of Grindavík, before you head out towards Keflavik International Airport for the return flight to your country of stay, taking with you memories and photographs from an unforgettable adventure.

Workshop itinerary:

*More detailed info will be provided upon registration along with packing list.


Payment information:

Tuition: $7200 USD

Deposit: $2000 USD

A $2000 USD non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space for this workshop, or you may pay in full.

The remaining balance is due on August 15th , 2023. If the remaining balance is not paid in full, your space will be forfeited. 

Please read through our Terms and Conditions.



This workshop is based upon a first come, first serve priority.


Helicopters are quite prone to weather and it's always going to be the pilots decision if we can fly or not, should we not be able to fly 

we'll add superjeep excursions to another ice cave. 

What´s included in the Workshop:

  • 1 helicopter ice caving 

  • 2 photoflights

  • Lodging at each location single occupancy.

  • Welcome dinner.

  • Daily hands on time with the instructor, who will be available to you all day long.

  • Transportation throughout the workshop.

  • Park entrance fees.

  • Breakfast daily.

What´s NOT included in the Workshop:

  • Airfaire to and from Keflavik International Airport.

  • Meals exempt where indicated.

  • Transportation airport to and from our hotel in Keflavík, we recommend taxi as it's only 5 min drive.

  • Alcoholic beverages.

  • Personal expenses.

  • Travel and personal insurances

Students will learn:

  • How to create compelling and enticing landscape compositions.

  • How to properly expose for an image throughout all variety of light invluding prime and non-prime lighting conditions.

  • How to photograph the night sky, create star trails and with some luck, capture the aurora borealis!

  • How to use their camera to it´s best capabilities.

  • How to utilize motion blur to capture dramatic seascapes and waterfall images.

  • Workflow techniques for Lightroom and Photoshop.

  • Much, much more!

What you need:

  • A DSLR camera or equivalent

  • A variety of lenses - a wide angle lens will be your most used on this trip.

  • A sturdy tripod

  • An intervalometer (to create star trails... a cheap one will do just fine)

  • Multiple memory cards

  • Extra batteries

  • Laptop

  • Photoshop and Lightroom installed on your computer (at least the trial versions)

About ice caves: 
Each season we normally have new caves as the ones from last season have melted and colapesd as the glacier melts and retreats over the summer months. 

This is what is so fasinating about these caves, they are never the same and truly an oportunity to capture something that will never be repeated. 

Ice cave images pictured in the gallery below is a collection from the past few years.

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