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Using presets in Lightroom can easily speed up your workflow but the problem is not all adjustments suit every picture you are editing. However by applying a preset can sort of give you a quick start and you can then adjust all the sliders from there to your liking. This speeds up your workflow a bit.
This preset I made, I call Insta and as the name indicates I use it when I am editing pictures for Instagram only. But why edit differently for Instagram to other media platforms? Well, in photography as in other industries there are trends going on and this faded look has been trending for awhile now on Instagram. Therefore I came up with this preset I use when I am editing for Instagram to speed up my workflow, cause I do not always edit pictures the same way for Facebook and Instagram. Below you can see the same image edited for two different media platforms.
For Facebook
For Instagram
As you can see the pictures have a little bit different crop to them, that is because Instagram likes 8x10 crop and by cropping that way you take up more screen space than in regular landscape photos. However this is always changing from time to time so you need to be on your toes when the next update comes for the app. As of now I do export my pictures 1080 on the shorter side since that is the maximum rez for Instagram. Otherwise the app will either downsample or upsample your photo, possibly causing compression and or jpeg artifacts, so exporting your picture in the exact rez has a huge benefit.
How to install this preset
Well. that is easy. You simply download the file by clicking on the Download button below which will redirect you to a dropbox file where you download the preset.
Open up Lightroom and click Develop module. On the left hand side you see a box marked "Presets"
click on that and down drops a menu with presets that come with Lightroom. At the bottom you'll see
"User presets", this is where you can save your own presets.
To install my Insta preset simply leftclick on "user preset" and it will open up two options: New folder or Import. Select import and navigate to where you saved my preset and you are done.

I hope you enjoy using the preset.

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