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THE HIGHLANDS - Landmannalaugar

The destination on this tour is the unspoiled highland nature .
This is an exceptional place for photography where we encounter lava fields, jet black volcanic sands streching for miles, mountains covered with bright green moss and colourful craters filled with water.
The highland is covered in geotheramal hotspots and previous volcanic activity is often evident, a tell tale sign of the gigantic forces ar work, some a few hundreds years ago and others only decades old.

The best known location in the highlands is probably Landmannalaugar where we will see colourful rhyolite mountains.
This place is like nothing else you‘ve seen before.

Good to know:

  • To get to some of the best vantage points might require a bit of a hike, somtimes up to an 1 hour long and some trails being quite steep.

  • The weather in the highlands can change suddenly so be prepared and bring extra layers.

  • Good hiking shoes is a great idea and some would say a necessity.

  • Facilities are not on every corner but there is one in Landmannalaugar area, where you can bathe and even go for dip in the geothermal water.

  • During mid summer we offer evening tours, shooting throughout the night in the best light provided by the unique midnight sun.



The price is $1300 USD for 10-12 hour tour (direct booking). This is the total price for your guide and a modified 4x4 jeep. Up to 4 people can share a tour.

Included: Pickup and dropoff at your hotel in the Reykjavik area.

Not included: Food, beverages and preordered special activities during the tour.

What will I see?

We do not have any fixed itinerary for our tours, why?
Because we like to be flexible and choose the location based on conditions like light, time of year and weather for best possible resault.
But ofcouse if you have any special requests we do our best to make your plan to work out.


Below are some of the location we might visit on this tour, but the tour is not limited to only them.


To many people this is the heart of the interior of Iceland . This is the starting or finishing point of the famous treck Laugavegur.  There is a campside there with great facilities and a natural hot spring where people can have a dip in a nice geothermal bath if they want.               With its colourful rhyolite mountains this area looks like a painting. 
Short hikes through close by lava field, visiting steaming geothermal holes in the ground gives you fantastic photo opportunities and a hike up the surrounding mountains provides you with a bird's eye view of the area. 

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This crater is also known as The Blue pool because of the colour of the water.
This 0.3 square kilometer crater was formed in an explosive eruption about 1130 years ago.
The coulours here are simply breathtaking, the red ironic gravel in the crater shining against the bright green vegetation surrounding the crater. 


This is the biggest lake in the area covering roughly 2,2 square kilometers.
With lava fields coming at it at 3 sides this shows off the harsh forces at work in the eruptions forming tha landscape.  

Late summer

When summer is fading and the fall is approaching in late August witnessing the northern lights dancing over your head in the middle of nowhere is an experince like no other. The solitude and silence you feel at this place is almost unreal, and light pollution is non existing.

With the northern lights reflecting in the still lakes and beautiful mountains towering in the background a fantastic photograph is waiting to be made. 


For the adventurous ones.
If you want to take it all the way we can offer comfy accommodation in a pop-up camper ;)
We take with us everything we need, like a fridge, heater and running water creating a comfortable home in the mountains or anywhere we like.. Travelling this way gives us maximum flexibility and total freedom from schedules and itineraries, going for photographic opportunities wherever they may be. 
The camper is specifically modified to travel to the interior of Iceland and can withstand almost every road.


Pictures taken on this tour.

Note: This collection of pictures are shot on several different highland tours. It is not possible to get to all of these places on a one day tour.

Landmannalaugar III
The canyon
Landmannalaugar nl
blue pool

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