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26 August - 4 Sept 2025

Group Size

8 participants Max


$10500 USD*

Deposit $2500 USD








Incl. during the workshop

Hotel based

Hotel / Schooner





Greenland Photography Workshop

With Thor

* Flights to and from Iceland is not prior and after the workshop are not included.
* Meals while we are on the schooner are included.

In August/September 2025, you can join Thor on a photography workshop, spanning 10 days and 9 nights where we explore one of the most
remote and picturesque part of the world as we sail the fjords of Greenland.

Travelling to Iceland:
You will want to fly into Keflavík ariport. From there we recommend using the flybus to get to the capital, Reykjavík (about 40km). 
We recommend Flybus+ which will drop you off at the doorstep of our hotel in Reykjavík.

Physical Requirements:
This workshop will include some moderate hikes on uneven ground and loose gravel. We'll not take on any serious hikes.

Where are we Staying?
We'll will be staying in Reykjavík on the arrival day (26th August) and when we get back from Greeland (3rd September) 
While in Greenland we'll be accomodating on board of our schooner


  • Icebergs 

  • Stunning landscape

  • Arctic wildlife - whales - birds - walruses - with some luck a polar bear 

  • Northern lights (weather permitted) 

  • Inuit settlements 

  • Zodiac trips

  • unforgettable experiance

In a Nutshell.

Embark on a thrilling 10-day photo tour of Scoresby Sound in East Greenland, where you'll capture awe-inspiring scenery that will leave you spellbound. This adventure will take you on a journey through the rugged fjords of Scoresby Sound, where you'll feel like you've traveled back in time to a simpler era, where nature's supreme power reigns supreme. The Eastern coast of Greenland is one of the few places in the world where the landscapes, seasons, and weather combine to leave you feeling both humbled and in awe.

During the summer months, we'll set sail through pristine Arctic landscapes, marvel at towering basalt cliffs, capture stunning shots of icebergs breaking off into the open ocean, and observe rare wildlife in their natural habitat. 

We'll have the opportunity to witness breathtaking views of rare Arctic plants, serene icebergs, towering cliffs, and spectacular glacier formations, and there's even a chance we'll see whales and countless species of birds.

We'll be traveling primarily by ship, as it's the best way to explore the region without disturbing the tranquil landscapes that have stood for thousands of years. While on board, we'll have incredible views, but we'll also take zodiac boats to shore to extend our exploration of the glaciers and icebergs.

In late August early September we have sunrise at 3:30 Am and sunsets at 7:30 Pm so days are long but still enough darkenss to witness the norhtern lights should the conditions be favourable.

Day 1: Arrival Day (26 August)

Arrival day. When you arrive in Iceland at Keflavik International Airport (KEF) we recommend you take the Flybus service, which will take you quickly to your hotel in Reykjavik.
The Flybus service from the airport is the most cost effective way to get to the hotel. Taxis are also available. We will meet at the Hotel Bar at 6.00 pm and go for a welcome dinner,
where we can get to know each other and have a chat about what we’ll be doing during the coming 8 days.

Overnight in Reykjavík.


Day 2

On day two, we’ll leave Iceland’s capital and take a two-hour flight to Constable Point airport, Greenland. After landing, the group will board the ship that will be our home for the next week. We’ll have a full safety briefing and discuss any additional information about the journey to come. We’ll then head to village of Ittoqqortoormiit, one of the most remote yet incredibly located settlements in the world. Less than 500 people call this town home, and the locals are a hardy bunch that rely on hunting, gathering and fishing to get by. There’s plenty to shoot here, from the rugged residents to their colourful houses and the breathtaking landscape all around.

Day 3

At the break of dawn, we set sail across the Scoresby Sound fjord system towards the south coast where we'll be greeted by towering basalt peaks. En route, we'll navigate through majestic icebergs that have calved from the parent glaciers and now sway gently with the Arctic currents. As the day progresses, we'll make our way towards Hekla Havn, a former Inuit settlement on Denmark Ø, where the first scientific expedition to Scoresby Sound over a century ago established their wintering camp. Here, we'll likely drop anchor in the late evening, ready to explore the historic site and capture the stunning scenery in our photographs.

Day 4:

On the fourth day, we will be greeted by the stunning basalt mountains and steep cliffs flanking the Føhnfjord. Gåseland's majestic peaks will rise on our left, while the towering 2,000 meter-high cliffs of Milne Land will dominate the right side of the horizon. We will then continue our journey through the picturesque Harefjord, where we will have ample opportunities to capture the beautiful scenery around us. Next, we will sail through Rødefjord, where we will witness more mesmerizing ice formations and practice our photography skills. We will spend two nights in the area, taking full advantage of the breathtaking Arctic landscapes, icy waterways, and rugged rock formations.


Day 5:

The next destination on the itinerary is Rødefjord, a serene and vegetation-rich part of the fjord known for its vibrant autumn colors. The fjord is often dotted with large icebergs and ice crusts from breaking icebergs. While sailing through the fjord, we may encounter muskoxen grazing on the hillsides. We will make a short hike at an ideal spot to capture photos of the colorful vegetation and wildlife. Later in the day, we will anchor at Harefjord, where we can capture photos of the beautiful northern lights if the sky is clear.

Day 6:

During the sixth day of the tour, we will sail through Harefjord and continue our journey towards Øfjord, where we will be able to witness the magnificent sight of jagged mountain peaks emerging from the water, and pass under towering granite cliffs that reach over 200 meters in height. This experience will be unforgettable, regardless of whether you choose to capture it on camera or not. Our expert photographer will be there to guide you and provide valuable advice to help you make the most of this incredible photography opportunity. After we anchor at Jyttes Havn in Bjørneøe, you will have more opportunities to take stunning photos of the beautiful coastal landscapes, lakes, and imposing cliffs that the area is famous for.

Day 7:

We will continue our voyage towards the east, passing through the mesmerizing Øfjord, which is considered one of the most stunning parts of the journey. The towering mountain peaks and granite walls rising over 2,000 meters from the sea create a breathtaking scenery that reminds one of the Patagonian mountains of Fitzroy and Cerro Torre. If the weather conditions permit, the midday sea breeze in Øfjord will enable the sails to be set and you are welcome to help with the rigging. Our day will end with us anchoring at Bear Islands.

Day 8:

During the final night of our expedition, we will navigate through the channel between the Bear Islands and Milne Land, which offers a breathtaking view of the stunning archipelago. This area is well-known for showcasing some of the largest and most impressive icebergs of the entire journey, making it an ideal spot for capturing memorable photographs. Upon waking up the next morning, we will find ourselves anchored at the airstrip in Constable Point, where we will disembark and conclude our unforgettable photography tour.

Day 9:

After a fulfilling and exciting photography adventure, the morning of day nine will begin with a satisfying breakfast and reflection on the unforgettable experiences and images captured during the journey. Following this, we will bid farewell to our exceptional vessel and board a flight back to Reykjavik..
Overnight in Reykjavík.

Day 10 (4th September) :

Departure day or you can extend your stay and explore Iceland. 

Workshop itinerary:

*More detailed info will be provided along with packing list before the workshop.


 What's included in the workshop​:

  • Hotel on the 1st and the last day in Reykjavík

  • Flight between Iceland and Greenland

  • Transport to and from the airport in Reykjavík

  • Accommodation on board

  • All photography tuition and mentoring

  • Transport during the tour and entry fees to national parks and other location.

  • Welcome dinner on the arrival day.

  • Full board from day 2 to day 8 

What´s NOT included in the Workshop:

  • International travel to and from Iceland.

  • Alcohol , snacks and beverage

  • Visas

  • Travel and equipment insurance.

  • Overweight and additional baggage

Students will learn:

  • How to create compelling and enticing landscape compositions.

  • How to properly expose for an image throughout all variety of light including prime and non-prime lighting conditions.

  • How to use their camera to it´s best capabilities.

  • How to utilize motion blur to capture dramatic seascapes and waterfall images.

  • Workflow techniques for Lightroom and Photoshop.

  • Much, much more!

What you need:

  • A DSLR camera or equivalent

  • A variety of lenses 

  • A sturdy tripod

  • Multiple memory cards

  • Extra batteries

  • Laptop

  • Photoshop and Lightroom installed on your computer (at least the trial versions)

About our schooner Tilvera and the crew

Tilvera is a 22m long steel boat and has a breadth of 5.5m steel boat, it has 6 twin cabins and a spacious saloon. 

All bedding and towels are provided while you are onboard. It is likely that the cabins are
smaller than you may be used to, but this is all part of the adventure of being on board an expedition sailing ship! Cabins are allocated to passengers before the trip.

The team on board consists of a captain, first mate, cook and a guide. The crew is often a mix of different nationalities, usually with several
members from Iceland.

They are here to look after the guests and the boat and ensure the itinerary of the week runs smoothly. It is important for your
safety and enjoyment on board that you follow
any instructions that the crew may give you.

Payment information:

Tuition: $10500 USD

Deposit: $2500 USD

A $2500 USD non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space for this workshop, or you may pay in full.
We can also offer a payment plan as follows:
2500 USD upon registration
2500 due 1st August 2023
2500 due 1 December 2023

Final payment due 30th March 2024

The remaining balance is due on March 30th , 2024. If the remaining balance is not paid in full, your space will be forfeited. 

- Maximum number of participants 8 - 

Please read through our Terms and conditions.



This workshop is based upon a first come, first serve priority.

Availability: SOLD OUT

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