The Golden Circle is a classic day tour when visiting Iceland. Thingvellir, Gullfoss and Geysir attract thousand of visitors every week all year round. Since crowds of other people tend to get in the way of a good photo-shoot, we have tailored a different route. You will see the famous threesome and your chances of privacy are much better with us than with the crowded big business busses. 



The price is  950$ for 8 - 10 hour tour. This is the total price for your guide and a modified 4x4 jeep. Up to 4 people can share a tour. 

Included: Pickup and dropoff at your hotel in the Reykjavik area.

Not included: Food, beverages and preordered special activities during the tour.


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What will I see?

We do not have any fixed itinerary for our tours, Why?
We like to be flexible and choose the best locations based on conditions. The light, time of year and the weather are critical componenets in providing our customers with the best photographic opportunities. 
But we will of course do our absolute best to meet your needs and requests and do everything in our power to make your plans work out.


Below are some of the attractions we might visit on this tour, amongst many other fascinating locations

This is one of 3 national parks in Iceland and where America meets Europe giving you a chance to place your right foot in America and the left one in Europe.  

Fissures filled with crystal clear water, waterfalls and gaping lava fractures gives you plenty of great photo opportunities.
During the autum this place literally explodes with vibrant colours and as soon the winter comes and covers the ground with snow this is the playground for northern lights photography.

Geysir area

At the Geysir area one of the most active

geysers in the  in the world, Strokkur, erupts reglularly shooting boiling water 25 to 30 meters in the air. 

This area also keeps many other interesting hot springs and boiling mud pits ready to be photographed. 



With a drop of 32 meters in two steps this powerful waterfall produces a lot of waterspray giving the scene a mystical atmosphere. On sunny days there are very good chances to see a rainbow hovering over the waterfall but on every visit you are guaranteed to witness nature´s awesome power.



This one is one of the hidden gems on the Golden Circle route not always accessible.
If the conditions are right we will definitely pay it a visit.


Pictures taken on this tour

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