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21st - 27th Sept 2023

Group Size

10 Participants


$ 4100 

Deposit $ 1000 




Dino Marsango &

Michael McLaughlin


Faroe Islands


Incl. during the workshop

Hotel based

Hotels in Incl.


Not included


Welcome dinner incl.

Faroe Island Photography Workshop

* Single supplement included

Thor Photography has teamed up with award winning photographers Dino Marsango and Michael McLaughlin offering a unique and exciting photography workshop spanning 7 days (6 nights) from 21st to 27th September 2023. We will be touring one of the most jawdropping locations in the north atlantic ocean, the Faroe Islands.
Let the adventure begin!

Getting to Faroe Islands:

You'll be flying to Vágar airport, if you are coming from Europe you should be able to connect through Kastrup airport in Denmark. 

Should you be coming from America you could either connect through Denmark or Iceland. 

Faroe Islands have their own airliner called Atlantic Airways and they fly to various destinacions around the world.


Physical Requirements:

This workshop will include some hikes, most of them are easy and take less than an hour on even ground. However, there might be a chance we will take on a bit more of a challenging hike depending on the weather. Hiking in the Faroes is extremely rewarding when it comes to photography. Its an essential aspect of this trip, and truly a way to give you a unique perspective.

You need to be able to carry all your camera gear, food and water + clothes. Most of the hikes do not have a steep ascent but can be demanding. You are the only person who will be able to judge if you are up for it or not, but we can’t take the group to these locations if there are one or two participants that are not up for doing the hike. We’ll always try to control the pace so it is pleasant for everyone and assign a good time for each hike so we will not be in a rush.
If the weather allows and the water is calm we will take a small boat to the amazing Drangarnir.

Where are we Staying:

We will be dividing our stay between two hotels on two separate islands in order to shorten the driving distances to location and allowing us to get to the right location in the right light with shorter notice. We stay at the islands Vágar and Eysturoy.


  • Gásadalur

  • Tindhólmur

  • Drangarnir

  • Saksun

  • Kallur

  • Kalsoy

  • Thraelahnípa

  • Tröllkonufingur

  • Leitisvatn

In a nutshell.

Without a doubt, the Faroe Islands are one of the most spectacular, and undiscovered photo locations you can find. The Faroes are a group of 18 islands in the middle of the Gulf stream in the North Atlantic, halfway between Iceland and Scotland. They are isolated and untouched, a well-hidden gem of unspoiled nature, fascinating sights and raw beauty.


The character of the islands attests to their volcanic origin, they are rocky and rugged and wherever you go you will see towering cliffs, stacks, gushing waterfalls and rocky beaches. In between, you‘ll find fascinating small villages, many of them still maintaining the old traditional houses with a turf (grass) roof.


The locations we will visit are straight out of a fairytale. For instance, the largest lake in the Faroes, is Sørvágsvatn. The surface of the lake is about 40m above sea level, but just tens meters away from the lake is a 100-meter cliff rising straight from the sea. A sight to behold.

This workshop will include some hikes, most of them are easy to moderate and they take less than an hour on vairly even ground, however there might be a chance that we will take on a bit more of a challanging hike. Hiking in the Faroes is extremely rewarding when it comes to photography. It's an essential aspect of this trip and truly a way to give you a unique perspective. Upon arrival we will wait for you at the airport and bring you to our hotel, which is only a few minutes drive from the airport.

Day 1 & 2: (21 st & 22nd)

Arrival day, once you get to the Faroes Islands you check in to our hotel, this first night is included in the workshops price. We'll meet for a welcome dinner to get to know each other and go over our plans for the coming week.

We will be staying for the first 2 nights at this hotel (21st September to 22nd September). Our shooting locations will depend on the weather and conditions, we like to maximize our time while in the Faroes. The workshop dates have been set to be a out of high travel season which means there will be less tourists around and we are more likely to have the locations to ourselves. We will chose our shooting locations on a daily bases depending on the weather and conditions. The Faroes do have even more unpredictable weather systems than Iceland and therefore we need to be flexible.

Day 3-5:

23rd of September to 25th September. We will now check out of our hotel in Vágar and check in to our hotel Runavik on Eysturoy which is second largest island in Faroes, we will be staying 3 nights here. After check-in we'll head out to explore this part of the Faroes. One of the days we plan to chatch the ferry over to Kalsoy to shoot the famouse lighthouse Kallur.


Days 6: 26th September. We go for sunrise early morning and then back for breakfast before we check out from our hotel in Runavík. We will now be going back to Vágar where we will be spending the last night, but we will have several shooting locations to choose from on the way there, sunset will be in Vágar. 


Day 7 (Departure day 27th Sept): All good things have to come to an end, this is our last day in the Faroes Islands, after breakfast we start to make our way to the airport.  Depending on when our flight is we'll give you a lift to the airport (only 5 min walk from the hotel).  The flights to and from Faroes are not as frequent as in many other locations and if our guides
flight is late we'll offer those who have late flights to go for sunrise.

Workshop itinerary:

*More detailed info will be provided upon registration along with packing list.


Payment information:

Tuition: $ 4100 USD

Deposit: $ 1000 USD

A $ 1000 USD non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space for this workshop, or you may pay in full.

The remaining balance is due on July 1st , 2023. If the remaining balance is not paid in full, your space will be forfeited. 

Please read through our Terms and Conditions.



This workshop is based upon a first come, first serve priority and available spots will be updated on this page.
Availability:  10 spots

What's included in the Workshop:

  • Lodging at each location with SINGLE OCCUPANCY.

  • Welcome dinner.

  • Breakfast.

  • Daily hands on time with the instructors, we will both be available to you all day long.

  • Transportation throughout the workshop.

  • Ferry fee to Kalsoy

  • Boat ride to Drangarnir (weather permitted).

What's NOT included in the Workshop:

  • Airfaire to and from Faroe Islands.

  • Alcoholic beverages.

  • Meals. (exempt where indicated)

  • Travel insurance.

  • Hiking fees where they apply.

  • Overweight baggage.

Students will learn:

  • How to create compelling and enticing landscape compositions.

  • How to properly expose for an image throughout all variety of light including prime and non-prime lighting conditions.

  • How to use their camera to it's best capabilities.

  • How to utilize motion blur to capture dramatic seascapes and waterfall images.

  • Workflow techniques for Lightroom and Photoshop.

  • So much more!

What you need:

  • A DSLR camera or equivalent

  • A variety of lenses - a wide angle lens will be your most used on this trip.

  • A sturdy tripod

  • Multiple memory cards

  • Extra batteries

  • Laptop

  • Photoshop and Lightroom installed on your computer (at least the trial versions)

Your guides 

Michael McLaughlin

Based in the west of Ireland, with almost 20 years of experience as a professional photographer Michael develops a fantastic rapport with his workshop participants. He has that perfect blend of a hard-working dedicated landscape photographer and a calm man of the west. His specialty is black and white but Michael can mix it in all spheres. A friendly, reliable, and inviting character with a wealth of photographic experience and skills.


Michaels work encompasses many different genres of photography and crosses the worlds of both landscape and fine art photography. He has been the winner of numerous national and international awards most notably from the FEP Federation of European Professional Photographers, Irish Professional Photographers Association, The Black & White Spider Awards, The Prix de la Photographie Paris and The MonoAwards. His photographs have been published worldwide and have also featured on the front pages of all of Ireland’s national newspapers. He continues to exhibit prints in solo and group exhibitions while leading tours and workshops throughout Europe.


Commercial Photographer of the Year @ IPPVA awards 2022
Press Photographer of the Year @ IPPVA awards 2022
Landscape Photographer of the Year @ IPPVA awards 2022
Open Creative Photographer of the Year @ IPPVA awards 2022

Bronze award Nature Category @ Federation of European Professional Photographer awards 2022

Dino Marsango

Dino Marsango.
Dino is unquestionably our Italian expert and he has been instrumental in the development of our workshops and tours throughout Italy. Tuscany has been a firm favourite for many years too and Dino continues to help the community expand into new and exciting places to photograph in Italy. Watch this space – new plans on the horizon.
There’s no question his style shows the landscape in all its amazing glory. Stunning sweeping wide angles to die for. A great man to have onboard for any workshop, Dino is relaxed, friendly has a great sense of humour, and just a great fun guy to be around. His work has won many awards including success at the IPA and the ND awards. We’re looking forward to many more great years of Dino’s unmistakable epic imagery.

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