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Thor Photography has teamed up with award winning photographer Peter Gordon offering a unique and exciting photography workshop spanning 7 days 6 nights. We will be touring one of the most jawdropping locations in the north atlantic ocean, the Faroe Islands.
Let the adventure begin!
Dates: 15th-21st September 2020.
Group size: 9 students.
*We like to keep our groups small in order to
maximize our attention to each student.
Sold out
Price: 3300 €

Bookings are made through Sif Travel, our Icelandic travel agent

Students will learn:

  • How to create compelling and enticing landscape compositions.
  • How to properly expose for an image throughout all variety of light invluding prime and non-prime lighting conditions.
  • How to photograph the night sky, create star trails and with some luck, capture the aurora borealis!
  • How to use their camera to it´s best capabilities.
  • How to utilize motion blur to capture dramatic seascapes and waterfall images.
  • Workflow techniques for Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • Much, much more!

What you need:

  • A DSLR camera or equivalent
  • A variety of lenses - a wide angle lens will be your most used on this trip.
  • A sturdy tripod
  • An intervalometer (to create star trails... a cheap one will do just fine)
  • Multiple memory cards
  • Extra batteries
  • Laptop
  • Photoshop and Lightroom installed on your computer (at least the trial versions)


What´s included in the Workshop:
  • Lodging at each location with SINGLE OCCUPANCY.
  • Welcome and farewell dinner.
  • Breakfast.
  • Daily hands on time with the instructors, we will both be available to you all day long.
  • Transportation throughout the workshop.
  • Ferry fee to Kalsoy
What´s NOT included in the Workshop:
  • Airfaire to and from Faroe Islands.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Meals.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Hiking fees where they apply.
  • Over weighed baggage.

About Faroe Islands:

Without doubt, the Faroe Islands are one of the most spectacular, and undiscovered photo locations you can find. The Faroes are a group of 18 islands in the middle of the Gulf stream in the North Atlantic, halfway between Iceland and Scotland. They are isolated and untouched, a well-hidden gem of unspoilt nature, fascinating sights and raw beauty.


The character of the islands attests to their volcanic origin, they are rocky and rugged and wherever you go you will see towering cliffs, stacks, gushing waterfalls and rocky beaches.  In between you‘ll find fascinating small villages, many of them still maintaining the old traditional houses with a turf (grass) roof.


The locations we will visit are straight out of a fairy tale. For instance the largest lake in the Faroes, is Sørvágsvatn. The surface of the lake is about 40m above sea level, but just tens meters away from the lake is a 100-meter cliff rising straight from the sea. A sight to behold.

Fitness (Important):

This workshop will include some hikes, most of them are easy and take less than an hour on even ground. However, there might be a chance we will take on a bit more of a challenging hike depending on the weather. Hiking in the Faroes is extremely rewarding when it comes to photography. Its an essential aspect of this trip, and truly a way to give you a unique perspective.

If the weather allows we might do a hike that will last throughout the day. The hike itself is about 2-3 hours each way (5k). You need to be able to carry all your camera gear, food and water + clothes. Most of the hikes do not have a steep ascent but can be demanding. You are the only person who will be able to judge if you are up for it or not, but we can’t take the group to these locations if there are one or two participants that are not up for doing the hike. We’ll always try to control the pace so it is pleasant for everyone and assign a good time for each hike so we will not be in a rush.

Workshop overview:

This workshop will include some hikes, most of them are easy to moderate and they take less than an hour on vairly even ground, however there might be a chance that we will take on a bit more of a challanging hike. Hiking in the Faroes is extreamly rewarding when it comes to photography. Its an essential aspect of this trip and truly a way to give you an unique prespective.

Upon arrival we will wait for you at the airport and bring you to our hotel, which is only a few minutes drive from the airport.

Day one 15th of September.

Arrival day, once you get to the Faroes Islands you check in to our hotel, this first night is included in the workshops price. We'll meet for a welcome dinner to get to know each other and go over our plans for the coming week
We will be staying for the first 2 nights at this hotel (15th September to 17th September). Our shoot locations will depend on the weather and conditions, we like to maximize our time while in the Faroes.
The workshop dates have been set to be a out of high travel season which means there will be less tourists around and we are more likely to have the locations to ourselfs. We will chose our shooting locations on a daily bases depending on the weather and conditions.The Faroes do have even more unpredictaple weather systems than Iceland and therefore we need to be flexible.

Possible shooting locations but not limited to:

This is probably one of the most photographed location in all of Faroes, and for a reason. The waterfall Múlafossur cascades into the ocean, with the small village and the tallest mountain on the island Vágur in the background.
Or the witch's finger, a 313m tall freestanding rock.
At the time of year we'll be there this location is really good for sunrise, as pictured here to the right
Drangarnir and Tindhómur.
Drangarnir seastacks situated between island Vágar and the islet Tindhólmur rising 262m (860ft) straight up from the ocean. This location can be shot from various angles where one of them requires  a moderate hike.
Trælanípan and Sørvágsvatn.
Trælanípan or the Slave mountain, rises 142m straight up from the ocean and got its name from the viking age were slaves were pushed off the cliffs, had they done something wrong.
The lake Sørvágsvatn is often referred as optical illusionlake as it looks like it is "flying" if it is shot from the right angle.

Day 3-4-5
17th of September to 19th September.

We will now check out of our hotel in Vágar and check in to our hotel Runavik on Eysturoy which is second largest island in Faroes, we will be staying 3 nights here.
After check in we'll head out to explore this part of the Faroes. 
One of the days we plan to chatch the ferry over to Kalsoy to shoot the famouse lighthouse Kallur.

Possible shooting locations but not limited to:

A remote hillside village with a great characteristic atmosphere.
With only 14 inhabitants this quiet village has alot to offer photographically speaking, like several houses with grass roofs, a tidal pool which on a calm day reflects the tall surrounding mountains.  
A small village with a stunning view towards the seastacks Risinn (71m) and Kellingin (68m), Faroes folk tales says these stacks are trolls from Iceland sent there to bring Faroes back home to Iceland, as the sun rose they turned into stones.
Kallur lighthouse:
It's no need to introduce this location as it is fast becoming one of the most famous location in Faroes, but it's located on the island Kalsoy and we need to hike for about an hour to get there, it's a moderate hike and you'll be rewarded with this spectacular view.
Funningur is a village on the northwest part of the island Eysturoy. We plan to hike to a high vantage point overlooking Funningsfjord, nearby is the highest mountain in all of Faroes Slættaratindur (880m)
Departure day:
21st will be our last day in the Faroes Islands, we will take advantace of the free time we have before we head to the airport, depending on the weahter and conditions we might visit the capital of the Faroes Thorshavn and have a walk around the old town.
Sunday 20th September:
We go for sunrise early morning and then back for breakfast before we check out from our hotel in Runavík. We will now be going back to Vágar where we will be spending the last night, but we will have several shooting locations to choose from on the way there, sunset will be in Vágar.
This night we will have farewell dinner at our hotel.
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Payment information:
Tuition: €3300
Deposit: €1000
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Bookings are made through Sif Travel, our Icelandic travel agent

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