1-2-1 Online Post Processing

I teach Photoshop and Lightroom, I have an extensive range of knowledge and years of experience with both of these programs.
There are millions of post-processing tutorials out there and most of them are about how to do things, but I think it's equally as important to focus on the why.

Working on your own image with direct input from a professional gives you a much better understanding of what you can achieve with your own files and how you can incorperate your vision to it. 

​What's included:

  • 60/120 minutes 1-2-1 online post processing session.

  • Your session will be screen recorded with audio and sent to you afterwards in HD video quality.
    All shortcuts I use will show up on the screen.

​How does it work:

  • Select below either an 1 or 2 hour session button and follow the instructions.

  • I get in touch with you within 1 day and we find a time that suits both of us.

​What topics can we cover:

  • Basic to advance edits in Lightroom.

  • Lightroom to Photoshop workflow.

  • Basic Photoshop editing.

  • Using layers and masks in PS.

  • Exposure blending.

  • Double processing from the same image.

  • The importance of working locally not globally.

  • More advance techniques such as luminosity masks,
    warping (correcting for pancake effect), time blending,
    focus stacking and so much more.

​Good to know and how to prepare:

  • We will be using Skype, Zoom or Google meet. 

  • Webcam.

  • Audio.  

  • Select image(s) that are sharp/in focus and have all info (highlights/shadows) or a bracketed sequence.

  • Expect to have one image to take about an hour
    to process (similar for bracketed seq. for exposure blending.

*Approx $100 USD

*Approx. $170 USD

The invoice will be in ISK - check your exhange rate before purchasing.

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